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Everybody has a vision (Drishti) which is the focus of his heart. True Vision means the Vision of Truth, whenever we are with this Vision of Truth, it means we are with God. That is the reason why we experience deep satisfaction, when we live according to this vision. So True Vision is an association of all likeminded people who are in search of ‘Vision of Truth’.

True Vision was first established on 24th Nov. 1993, by it’s present proprietor Shri Dilip Badkar. That time he had just returned from Kuwait with 15 years of experience at international level to offer Media consultancy to production studios and Media Institutes. For more than 25 years True Vision is offering expertise and services to Film & Television Institutes in Delhi and Mumbai. Now we are expanding our activities towards schools of Delhi and NCR to provide Media consultancy at very reasonable cost. The present era of education need full support of Electronic Media and Digital Media.

Every school attracts students and parents by giving them information about school in the form of printed prospectus, but today this is not sufficient. Every school must have promotional video which can be part of school website. So prospective students and parents can get maximum information about school, where they can actually see, School facilities, Laboratories, Libraries and Computer Lab along with students working and enjoying. Also they listen to principal, teachers, members of management along with students in different interviews. Every year school conducts several small and big events. Video recordings of all such events must be available on website or YouTube Channel, so students and parents can always watch them and enjoy their wards performance, so video recording of such events and posting them on YouTube can be a regular activity, which every school must conduct. So True Vision Media will create association with school to provide all such activities with ease and comfort.

Today teaching methods are changing. Schools can produce several lectures and demonstrations which can be recorded and used for on-line classes, whenever required. True Vision can educate teachers to conduct and record such online tutorials professionally.

True Vision Media is fully geared with all infrastructures such as plenty of modern cameras, production equipments, sound recording studio, chroma screen studio, and modern video editing facilities. True Vision Media has big team of qualified professional cameramen, video editors, anchors, directors and TV producers. Our services are not expensive. These will be very beneficial in promotion of school. We have plenty of activities which are necessary to every school plus we can organize and offer any new services of your interest.

Together lets make education very interesting and your school very modern with latest technology. Kindly give us opportunity to have meeting with you, so we can understand your requirements and submit our proposal.

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