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Video Coverage of Cultural or Educational Events and Functions

All schools keep their students busy in participating in different cultural and educational events. Teachers and students work very hard, they show their maximum creativity in planning, organizing, practicing and delivering final presentation on stage. After all the main purpose of education is to satisfy our inner faculty i.e. soul, call it Aatm Santushti. But it is observed that very less efforts are made for professional quality video recording of such events. Students/teachers record these with mobile phone or domestic video camera.

True Vision Media will take responsibility to record such functions, edit unwanted portions, add titles and finally upload on school’s website, so that students and parents can watch and enjoy. Video coverage of such events in not very expensive. (Note, rates for following options will be provided on enquiry)

You can choose any one from following:-

  1. The most Economical – Recording an Event with single professional video camera without editing.
  1. Advisable is Standard – Recording with single professional camera with simple editing and simple titles.
  2. For long term benefit, choose Professional – Recording with multi (four) cameras and covered like TV Studio shooting. Further proper video editing on Computer with special effects and titles. Such professional recordings can be kept in archives of school, present DVD copies to VIPs, and use it as permanent resource material for good quality education.
  1. Make your own Media Lab – True Vision Media can help in making permanent multi camera TV Studio at school’s auditorium and train teachers/staff to record online. As school has budget for Science Laboratory, Computer Lab, Library etc. similarly school can have budget for multi camera TV Studio you can call it as ‘Media Lab’. This can be a great asset of school, and it is necessary in today’s ‘Digital World”. Making of such TV Studio can cost between 3 Lakhs rupees, to 10 lakh rupees, depending on type of equipments purchased.

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