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Training in Electronic Media for Students and Teachers

Every student wants to learn something more than what is being studied at school. Today students are more attracted to Electronic Media (Radio & TV), as well as social Media (smart phone based Entertainment). We always try to keep children away from these media, thinking that, students get spoiled by getting connected to these, or they get addicted to this virtual world and loose interest in regular studies. Today’s education should be ‘learning based’ not ‘studying based’. Students spend maximum time studying from classroom and books. And what do they study? They study to remember different types of informations. Which are available today at the click of the mouse. Now we have to turn this habit of spending more time with social media into learning habit. In other words, students should be motivated and trained to utilize this social media and electronic media for acquiring more and more knowledge, which will help them to become a ‘Good Human Being’. As we use knife to kill somebody, same knife can be used by doctors to operate human body to save his life. Similarly, this addiction of social media can be turned to produce good quality educational programmes, which will benefit to the masses. And we know, students enjoy making such programmes.

This two weeks, certificate course in visual communication (or Electronic Media) can be organised for students for 11th class or 9th class, where they have less pressure of board exams. The knowledge of electronic media production will help them to express their talent, positivity and strengths. At the same time understand weakness and try to eliminate them. 

Teaches also can join this training, so they can utilize this knowledge to enhance their skill level, utilize for on-line training and operate their own YouTube video channel to teach masses. After all teaching is a Divine process and teachers are a Divine personality. (vkpk;Z nsoks Hko%)

Learning about Electronic Media is a need of Today.

Two weeks (10days) certificate course in visual communication (or Electronic Media)

In this training we will cover theory and practicals on TV Film Production and related subjects. Students work with cameras and other equipments, and they produce different projects while learning.

Content of the course – Day wise Description

Note: – True Vision Media will bring all required equipments for practical training.

Day 1 –  Introduction to Fundamentals of Communication – Process of Communication – Human needs  – Traditional channels of entertainment, present day film making – 4 stages of film making, Pre-production, Script writing, Production and Post production. Systematic approach and fulfilling purpose of communication.

Day 2 –  Tools of Photography – Structure of basic camera, light controlling devices. Basic still camera controls, menu setting, meaning of technical terms, supporting tools and their application associated with camera.

Day 3 –  Photographic Composition – What is composition, the psychology of understanding photograph. Dos and don’ts. Basic tips on composition to shoot with still camera. Shoot outdoor with proper lighting, Camera angle, view point and required angle of vision. Analysis on photographs shot.  

Day 4 –  Shoot Indoor – Indoor Lighting technique. The theory of 3 point lighting formula. Studio photography. Understand how to use Electronic Flash. Studio Lights. Background and other accessories for indoor photography. Analysis on photographs shot.

Day 5 –  Video Camera – Basic controls of video camera. Menu settings. Camera movements. Dynamic Composition and psychology behind such composition. All technical terms related to video camera. Classification of video cameras as Domestic, ENG, EFP and Studio setup of video cameras.

Day 6 –  Camera Movements and Practice – Practice on video camera shoot, smooth camera movements of Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Dolly, Steady Cam etc. understand camera commands. Follow those commands and shoot as per director’s requirement. Full practice on video camera. Analysis of video recording.

Day 7 –  Script Writing – Understand, Idea, Treatment, Synopsis, AV Script and Story Board. Write simple script and shoot as per script. The concept of Entry to Exit. How to divide story into 3 view point formula. Demonstration on camera and shoot.

Day 8 –  Multi camera shoot – Technical guidance related to Multi-camera online editing setup. Demonstration of typical multi-camera panel discussion. Shoot and analyse.

Day 9 –  Multi-camera shoot of Desktop Presentation, Cookery Show, or Demonstration of Biology or Handicraft making. Prepare, rehearse, and shoot with multi-camera with online editing. Give task to group of students to shoot a project on that day.

Day10 – Students independent shoot – Group of students will shoot all required shots on selected topic to produce a short duration video programme. Distribution of certificate.

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