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True Vision – Media Club (TVMC)

Everybody has a vision (Drishti) which is the focus of his heart. True Vision means the Vision of Truth, whenever we are with this Vision of Truth, it means we are with God. That is the reason why we experience deep satisfaction, when we live according to this vision. So True Vision is an association of all likeminded people who are in search of ‘Vision of Truth’.

During school education, every student is looking for overall personality grooming and activities of individual’s satisfaction. As we say the purpose of education is to offer proper physical growth, mental growth and spiritual growth of a child. So every child should get involved in related activities. School do conduct certain amount of activities, but every student cannot get opportunity to participate in it.

Now True Vision has organized Media Club to promote individual’s talent, promote off bit learning and to develop over all personality of child.

The principle applied for all activities of True Vision’s Media Club is “Learning is Fun”. Students must enjoy every activity, which they participate. This entertainment element in education is most important. Today, students try to stay away from school, because they don’t enjoy activities at school, and they attend school out of compulsion. School teachers, parents as well as relatives pressurise them for better performance in examinations. Another type of stress, students and parents face is, ‘How to deal with Competition?’ students are forced to spend additional time at coaching centres and boring home tuitions. All together, for student, it is a stressful life, starting at the age of 12 and continues till he gets suitable job. Today in India 93% of qualified population is under employed. Means fresh post graduates are offered salary of Rs. 15000/- which is similar to 7th pas security guard standing outside corporate office. What is a use of such higher degrees? Every student must enjoy the process of learning, that is possible only if he gets engaged in such activities which he/she loves to do.

At the age of 14-15 child starts experiencing ‘psychic awakening’ means the soul inside the body becomes active and try to push the body towards his true purpose of life. After age of 15 person shows change in his behaviour, his likes and dislikes, his true nature of obeying and disobeying parents, his firm choice of studying or not studying certain subjects, he/she likes to take decisions independently, he/she also loves and respects all those decision made by him/her self. All these gives tough time to parents and management of school and the poor helpless student is identified as “misbehaved, notorious, indiscipline, bad character, duffer, spoilt and similar adjectives”. Parents feel helpless and keep blaming each other. This is a reality of today.

Understand the solution

You must have observed that, between age of 15 to 20 every child is little bit of Artist, little bit of Singer, little bit of Dancer, little bit of Actor, little bit of politician, little bit of speaker, little bit of manager, little bit of scientist, little bit of mathematician, little bit of photographer, and so on. Parents must act wisely to understand the child, and give him opportunities to let him move in that direction. The child, if his/her soul is born to become Artist or a Singer, he/she will never enjoy today’s information based school education, because he/she is not getting what soul is demanding. Parents must know that, the child is not born to fulfil target set by his parents or teachers of school. Child must get free hand to develop his/her life or personality the way he/she wants.

How True Vision Media Club (TVMC) will help?

TVMC will organize plenty of activities throughout year, where student can take part and he/she further improves taking on-line training in the field of his interest. Most of the activities are organized in such way that, they enjoy every bit of it, so they get satisfied looking at their performance and sharing with others. Student must get right opportunity at right time, so they have freedom to take advise from personal counsellor ‘Diya’ (i.e. Didi and Bhayya) these qualified male and female counsellors will listen to problems of the student and guide them accordingly. These counsellors may contact parents and teachers to understand the seriousness of the problem and offer their expert guidance.

Any person with age of 15 and above can join. No upper age limit, means students and parents both can join by paying the yearly fee. After becoming a member, they can participate in several activities of their choice.


TVMC Membership and Fee Structure

Kindly note following points: –

  1. Half Member:- You can join TV Media Club by filling online application form and submitting required documentation. You will pay fee of Rs. 590/- (including GST) online, using payment getaway on website. This fee is for one year from date to date next year. You will be registered as half member, and will get membership card within one week on your registered Email. You have to use this membership number for all applications to attend individual activities.
  2. Full Member:- Once you become a half member, you can introduce one of your friend or relative to take membership of TVMC within 6 months. And after realization of half membership of new member, you will be considered as full member. So you will get on your Email, new full membership card with new membership number, within two weeks.
  3. Benefits of TVMC Membership:- First enrolment as half member you can participate in all free activities organized online as well as face to face inside Auditorium. You will have excess to all pre recorded video content on website. Further you can ask for online consultancy from ‘Diya’ for personal issues of life. You can also participate in all paid educational workshops by paying required fee. There will be several events throughout, year, you can join these as per your interest.

Free Activities for Members:

  • Talk to DIYA on website:- (DIYA means Didi & Bhayya) Members can talk to expert personal counsellor and discuss their personal problems. This is mainly to help students under stress due to issues related to studies, relationship, friendship, love affairs, family abuse, psychological problems, etc., which they cannot discuss with parents or teachers. This counselling will be through telephone talk or if necessary video meet.
  • Career Counselling:- (on website) Students can discuss and take advise to choose career after 10th or 12th. There are plenty of courses available other then B.A./B.Com./B.Sc. also there are plenty of Government schemes related to skill development and scholarships for higher education.
  • Free Lectures & Seminars will be organized inside Auditorium, where students can participate and interact with experts. These lectures will be mostly on alternate Sundays (Time 10am to 1pm or suitable). Few selected lectures will be made available on website and YouTube Channel to members who cannot attend personally

Topics for Free Lectures – Subjects of the common interest such as:

  1. How to maintain Good Health, How to avoid Doctors and expensive treatment. Common issues of illness and remedies.
  2. Physical Fitness:- How to take care of physical body, role of exercises, at home. How to avoid Gym? Role of Yoga and how to practice at home
  3. Psychological Stress:- It’s origin, nature and how to recognize mental issues. Easy solutions. The role of Meditation to achieve mental relief.
  4. Legal Issues:– Fundamental Rights, know your limitations. How to handle complications in life, Dos and Don’ts. Right behaviour pattern.
  1. Problems of Youth:- Such as addiction, bad habits, bad company etc. stop before it becomes serious issue.
  2. Enhance your in-born talent of Performing Art:– How to discover your hidden talent, exercises to multiply, and opportunities to perform. Remove stage fear.
  3. Actors are born:- How to discover your Acting talent? How to practice? Hunting for opportunities, remove stage fear. Join play group.
  4. Modelling:- The career of modelling. Earn maximum by acting as a Model with Advt. Agencies or Corporate Film makers. The concept of Fashion Show – How to participate with confidence.
  5. Dance:- The career in Dance – How to start, practice and earn confidence – How to form a group and perform in public. Dos and Don’ts of the trade.
  6. Singing:- Test your vocal capabilities, classical singing, daily practice, perform to impress. Health issues. Dos and Don’ts.
  7. Hobbies of general interest and how to get support to develop those hobbies. Take support from YouTube Video content, Books and other resources.
  8. Current Issues:- Such as Govt. Policies, New Laws, Disaster etc. Effects on youth, corrective measures. Getting prepared to face such emergencies. Expert advise.
  9. Lectures on Career Counselling: Experts in the field will talk to students and answer their questions to advise right career which they can choose.
  10. Foreign Education:- Possibilities of studying at Foreign Universities. Govt. rules for migration. Merits and Demerits of Foreign education. Availability and procedure for selection.
  11. Self Employment: – How to start your own business? Expert guidance on how to identify the type of business? Role of Parents, how to get prepared? Sources of capital investment. Dos and Don’ts of Self Employment.
  12. Job Hunting:- Employment possibilities, right process of job hunting, online jobs, employment agencies, placement agencies, rules of Govt. and Corporate World and many more.
  13. Motivational Speakers:- Understand the meaning of Life. Spirituality and common issues related to life, Relationship, Health, Wealth etc.
  14. Technical Skills:- Common skills, required skills, essential skills, understand and develop. Availability of skill development programmes.
  15. Sports:– Expert guidance on awareness and importance of indoor and outdoor sports. How to become a sports man? Advantages of selecting sports as a career. Govt. schemes and procedure. Related issues.
  16. Matrimony:– How to search right partner? Family issues and how to deal with them? Guidance on what one should not do.
  17. Art Appreciation:– Role of Artistic behaviour, Art appreciation, Art application and related issues for career growth.
  18. Astrology:- Understand science of Astrology – its application in life. What is chart making? How to read chart?
  19. Palmistry:- The science of palmistry, basic concept. Application. Reliability. How to read hand and lines for general predictions.
  20. Foreign Language:- Why to learn? Application as value addition in job. Tourist help where to learn. Process of self learning.

And many more similar topics of general interest which are responsible for overall growth of human personality.59

Paid Activities: – Educational practical workshops

True Vision Media Club (TVMC) will organize several practical workshops of one full day (6hours) for students who are looking for change in life, or take first step towards their inner desire, and check individual’s potential before entering into expensive longer duration vocational courses. These workshops are specially designed to offer practical training with equipment along with expert guidance from qualified faculties. Initially we are starting with subjects related to Electronic Media. But other professions also will be considered as per demand from members. These workshops will be organized on alternate Sundays in auditorium. This single day workshop will cover theory as well as practical on equipment. Members will get video recording of their performance and certificate of participation on website.

Tentative timing: – 1st session:  10 a.m. to 1 p.m., 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. – Lunch break.

2nd session:  2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Approximate fee structure for each workshop will be

For full member Rs. 600/-

For Half member Rs. 900/-

Non member or guest of member – Rs. 1200/-

(The amount is inclusive of applicable GST)

You will be qualified to get ‘Certificate in Electronic Media’ after attending any 15 Workshops.

  1. Learn Digital Photography with technology and practice.
  2. Learn Lighting for photography – Indoor and Outdoor
  3. Learn Video Camera and shooting technique
  4. Learn Video Camera – Lighting technique
  5. Learn Sound Recording – Microphones and mixing along with recording and monitoring
  6. Learn Multi-Camera recording technique with online switching.
  7. Learn Acting – Expressions & Body Language.
  8. Learn Acting for TV – Entry to Exit (3 viewpoints)
  9. Learn Diction and News Reading
  10. Learn Desktop Presentation – Cookery Show
  11. Learn how to shoot Music Video – Demo with selected song
  12. Learn TV News Reading – using the Prompter.
  13. Learn YouTube Film making for online teaching
  14. Learn Video Documentary Making – Idea- Write – Shoot and Edit
  15. Get your Portfolio on Digital Photography – Actors/Models
  16. Get your Portfolio on Video Camera for Modelling
  17. Get your Portfolio for Acting – On video with dialogues
  18. Get your Portfolio for Matrimony
  19. Get your Portfolio to prepare for job interview, also get video resume.
  20.  Performance Talent show on Singing, Mimicry, Dance etc. with Recording.

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