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Training in Life Management for Teachers


The purpose of education is to turn every child into a good Human Being. It is said that, every qualified Doctor, Engineer, Scientist or Manager, first he has to be devoted husband, kind father, a friendly neighbour and a dutiful citizen. All these values are most important in life, which education must provide. School is fully responsible for educating a child and turn him into good human being.

Is it happening?… you know the answer.

Student’s future is based on attitude of teachers and parents.

The problem is with today’s irresponsible parents. Educated modern parents, they admit their child into recognized school and relax. They feel no responsibility towards child’s development. They fully depend on school and simply keep blaming school and school environment for every misbehaviour of their child. To make value based education a success every school must involve parents, in the overall development of the child. Once in a month parent teacher meeting (PTA) is not enough. School must go one step further to educate parents for values of life. We know, this is not a requirement of CBSE, so school management feels it not their job to train parents. But now this is an opportunity to be different and act different. If your school starts tainting parents on Life Management, they will love the concept and there will be better understanding among students, teachers and parents.


Solution offered by True Vision Media

TV Media is offering an innovative concept of ‘Life Management’ which basically promotes ‘Spiritual Values of Life’. We organize short terms training programme on ‘Life Management’ to school teachers and we wish those trained school teachers should further teach to their senior students as well as all other parents, during winter vacation or as per availability. Slowly most of the parents will start understanding the root cause of every problem and try to educate their child, instead of blaming school or teachers. Also parents will get emotionally connected with teachers, so offer maximum respect in their behaviour and render active participation in the process of education.


‘Life does not come with instruction manual that is why we have teachers.’

 Teachers are the most important element of our society as they are responsible for betterment of individuals by providing the right education. Here we are offering a proposal to arrange a training programme on ‘Life Management’, which will benefit your school, your teachers, as well as your students in a long run.


The concept of Life Management

Life always moves in forward direction. When a baby is born it is small in size, it cannot recognize parents, Also it cannot respond to any action, because its brain is not developed. Then day by day it keeps growing. The body grows to its full size in about 18 years; this is called as Physical growth (Shaaririk Unnati). We do take proper diet, physical exercise and necessary knowledge to attain full growth of body. Along with body, mind also grows, with the help of learning at home, school and college. This is known as Mental Growth (Bauddhik Unnati). After completing education, a person generally takes up job and starts earning money, first for himself, then for his family and next to make their future secured. This is known as Economic growth (Aarthik Unnati). Generally people stop here. But a man’s final growth is when he discovers the purpose of his life and achieves the goal for which God has offered him life on earth. This is known as Spiritual growth (Aadhyatmik Unnati).


Presently we don’t find this growth in people, mainly because, (a) there are no grandparents at home to impart this knowledge, (b) Secular type of education at school and college has no provision to offer religious knowledge and (c) Society gives more importance to money and physical entertainment. Most people after some time realize this lack of Spiritual growth, and discover that their present life has gone waste, and they die unsatisfied.

Now we are making efforts to provide training in ‘Life Management’. By joining this, your teachers will be taking first step towards Spiritual growth. Education is a divine work and educators are doing God’s work. This training will educate school teachers to accept Spiritual Values and inculcate in their own life. They cannot promote such values among students, unless they mentally accept them.

Brief content of this programme is as under:

These classes will cover discussion on how to handle difficult situations of Life, by developing logical strategy with the help of Spiritual Philosophy.

The training will cover several issues of Life, such as:

  1. How to manage our Personal Life, Family Life and Career Life, and maintain harmony among these. What is culture, how it is formed and its importance in our life.
  2. Understand how body takes decision, with the help of Senses, Mind, Emotions and Psychic Being. How to listen to the voice of the Soul.
  3. How to discover and get rid of our own enemies, residing inside one self (our Vikaras). Develop strategy to deal with these.
  4. How to maintain good health, without visiting Doctors. Using the knowledge of Patanjali’s Ashtang Yoga and Naturopathy.
  5. Learn about Stress Management, and understand how to live stress free life, to achieve good health. Understand theory of Karma and its application in everyday life.
  6. Importance of Emotions, Relationship, and attachment. Understand delicate issues related to them, to make a happy family.
  7. Learn about what Love is, and how to get it? How to discover Soul-mate? Also understand Husband-Wife relationship. The concept of falling in love and rising in love.
  8. Learn how to live satisfied life on the basis of ancient wisdom of ‘Dharm, Arth, Kaam, Moksha’. Understand what Moksha
  9. Understand what is God, and the right method of worshiping or praying GOD, to get Divine support in every action we perform. Write Constitution of your own Life to follow it.

Important Note: The Content can be covered in 6 to 10 Lectures of 2 to 3 hours duration. Also we insist that, teachers who join should attend all lectures, we cannot fast forward the programme as it will not benefit to bring change in attitude.

We expect teachers can absorb these values so they can further express in their teaching methods.

So let’s join hands together to promote ‘Spiritual Values in Education’, and make your school ready for next generation of successful education.


In Modern times we have multiplied our possessions but reduced our values

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