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Promotional Video is targeted to parents, who are planning to admit their child in particular school.

Understand what are the expectations of parents from the school? School should take care of (a) Mental development (b) Physical development and (c) Spiritual development of a child. The promotional video will highlight how school fulfils all these three aspects of education. So parents can decide on admitting their child to your school.

The promotional video of school will highlight:

  • Infrastructure available at school, such as Classrooms, Laboratories, Libraries, Computer Labs, teaching methods etc.
  • Teachers, mentors, and management staff for their expertise and behaviour pattern with students. This is necessary for mental development along with emotional development of the child.
  • Facilities for sports, indoor as well as outdoor. Physical activities, gymnastics and health care facilities along with teachers and staff who care for every individual child. All this is important for physical development of a child.
  • Other extracurricular activities such as morning assembly prayers, periodical celebrations of festivals, talent competitions at classroom, school or interschool level. Tutorials with external motivational speakers, career counsellors, psychiatrics and spiritual masters. Activities conducted for motivation and development of a spiritual aspect of the child with proper education. After all the purpose of education is not just to make a child ‘Scholar’ but a ‘Good Human Being’.

To express all these 4 areas, we will conduct several interviews of Principal, Teachers, Students, and satisfied parents. This promotional video will show students in action, teachers in action and few events of general interest. Promotional video also highlights the philosophy of Education Society/Trust, along with little bit of history and achievements of school.

We conduct thorough research before go for shoot and discuss script with authorities before finalising. Our approach is very professional and systematic.  

Our normal practice is, we produce two films out of common footage.

  1. Promotional film of 15 to 20 mins duration for your website and video prospectus (DVD).
  2. Promotional film of less than 3 mins duration for facebook promotion as well as to circulate on Social Media during admission time.

You can have option in dubbing these two films in additional language. Means you will have English and Hindi both. In this case you can get total 4 films, 2 films in English and 2 in Hindi.

The film must be in English if school is English medium school, but parents and grandparents will be comfortable with Hindi. So both languages are important. Every school must have their promotional video, so that good quality and above average students/parents can be attracted for new admissions.

Note:- True Vision Media will give you support to publish these promotional videos on YouTube and other digital media platforms at additional cost.

Corporate Video of School

First understand the difference between promotional video and corporate video.

Promotional videos are targeted towards the students and parents, where maximum emphasis will be given to highlight, quality of education and facilities provided to students. While corporate video is targeted towards investors, share holders, annual general meetings, Govt. Regulatory bodies and to attract donations and collaboration from corporate world.

The shooting process is same but presentation script will be different and editing will be done as per target audience. For example, if school is looking for expansion, and like to attract land from Government body, or open new branch in another part of city / or other state, or go for collaboration with  another school from foreign country, or like to attract investment from financing agency, or like to go for student exchange programme with foreign school, or like to offer direct admission to foreign university or like to open branch of the school in middle east or any foreign country as per ‘Indian School’ pattern and similar issues. In case of such expansion the corporate films are required for presentation and business meetings. Running a school is a big business today, so one must show professional approach towards management of entire venture.

The cost of making corporate video is same as promotional video which can be discussed and finalize as per individual’s requirement.


*Kindly Note – The costing mentioned here is indicative. Actual cost may differ as per your requirements.

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