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TV Studio (Media Lab) at School

Your school will have your own TV Studio with trained staff.

Every school has large budget for developing its infrastructure and resource centres. Today every school has Chemistry / Physics Laboratories, Computer Labs, Home Science Labs, Huge Libraries with thousands of books, indoors and out door sports facilities, workshops for project making and many more. But very few schools in Delhi NCR have their own TV Studio. The possible reasons behind it are…………..

  • This is not a requirement of CBSE regulatory body.
  • Management thinks it is expensive to have TV Studio.
  • General understanding is that TV Studio may cost crores of rupees and there is no R.O.I. (Return on Investment).
  • Who will look after all those electronic equipments?
  • School has no trained staff to handle cameras and perform video editing.

First let me clear this misconception –

  • Most of the school in Europe and U. S. have their own TV Studios. The Arabic schools in Kuwait, Bahrain and Dubai also have their own TV Studios and they prepare their own educational programmes in Arabic language. They also do dubbing in Arabic to original English programmes.
  • TV Studio in schools in India will give modern look and students will benefit out of their ‘Educational Promotion through Visual Communication’.
  • Investment to make own TV Studio will start from just Rs. 300,000/- (Three Lakhs).  True Vision Media has proposals for TV Studios of different size and shape. 

 Three types of TV Studios- You can choose anyone:

  1. Basic TV Studio – Investment around Rs. 300,000/- (Three Lakhs).

This is basic 4 cameras TV Studio setup, which can be installed in school auditorium or any suitable room available. Different possibilities with this setup –

  • All school functions performed on stage can be covered.
  • Panel discussion with one moderator and 3 to 4 experts can be performed and recorded in real time.
  • School lectures to record and telecast for online teaching. You can create library of such lectures for future use.
  • Desktop presentation – Such as ‘how to make Handicraft items’, how to make science projects, how to make cooking of food item (cookery show), how to make Physics, Chemistry, Biology practicals and similar demonstrations.
  • Chroma Key Studio – To replace background and add special effects, graphics and titles for educational programmes and professional presentations.
  • Perform – Record – Watch – Learn – This can be method of teaching and learning performing Art, Public speaking and eliminate stage fear.

 Costing details for basic TV Studio –

Around Rs. 300,000/- (Three Lakhs only). TV Media will charge Rs. 100,000/- (one Lakh only) for consultancy installation and training. Another Rs. 200,000/- (Two Lakhs only) will be for equipment and fittings, which school will purchase from suppliers, under guidance of TV Media.

Let’s look at breakup of this amount of Rs. 100,000/- (one Lakh only) for consultancy form                True Vision Media.

  • TV Media will discuss the requirement and application of TV Studio for particular school and advise accordingly.
  • Advise on buying equipment – TV Media will offer their expert advise on buying right kind of equipment and offer list of equipments available and their sources of suppliers. School has to purchase from available sources with purchase method of their choice. This way school can directly deal with supplier for guarantee, non working, replacement, repair etc.
  • Training of Staff Members – Working on camera, online switching, recording etc is not difficult, but one must learn before start. So TV Media will provide proper training, for one week to selected staff members. More important is, how to take proper care of cameras and other equipments. They also learn on dos and don’ts during shooting. We follow proper methodology for installation of equipments and training of operators. All this will cost Rs. 1,00,000/- (GST extra).

Details of Equipments required

Four pieces of professional Video Cameras, Four pieces of Camera stands, Microphones, Microphone Mixer, Video Switcher (SEG), Video Recorder (or Computer), 2 nos of small TV. Cables, Connectors, few curtains, stand etc.

Detailed list with cost can be worked out before proceed to purchase. Equipments will be selected to keep cost within Rs. 200,000/- (Two Lakhs only)

Four pieces Equipments such as Cameras, Switcher etc. will be of S.D. (Standard Definition) quality video, which is very much acceptable for normal domestic viewing and viewing on Social Media such as Facebook, YouTube etc. one cannot make difference between SD and HD, unless you see the video content on large HD Television sets (50 inch and above)

  1. HD quality TV Studio (Investment around 6 Lakhs) – In this setup everything is same like basic TV Studio except cameras and video mixer will be of HD quality. HD cameras (ENG type) are 3 times more expensive than SD cameras as they are designed for professional broadcast application. Picture quality is better, suitable for large screen projection. Recorded content can be better, and impressive, if you would like to send it to foreign countries.

Total cost for HD quality studio setup will be around Rs. 600,000/- (Six Lakhs only).               Details as under.

True Vision Media will charge Rs. 100,000/- (one Lakh only, GST extra) for consultancy, installation and training. Cost of equipments of HD quality will be around Rs. 500,000/-                (Five Lakhs only). School will purchase all equipments from any supplier, under guidance of True Vision Media.

  1. Commercial TV Studio-HD and Broadcast quality TV Studio (Investment around 20 Lakhs).

In this setup, TV Studio will be designed to achieve broadcast quality. This means studio premises has to be acoustically treated and proper sound proofing, similar to Cinema Halls is needed. Cameras used will be advance ENG type with EFP monitors offering HD and Full HD picture quality. Camera stands will be bigger in size with dolly attachment for easy movements of cameras. The video switcher also will be of HD quality with HDMI inputs and digital video output for HD recording. Broadcast quality equipments are expensive, but they are necessary in-case you need to produce commercial quality video content.

Costing details:-

TV Media will charge Rs. 200,000/- (Two Lakhs only +GST) for consultation, installation and training to staff members for two weeks.

Equipments and furnishing will cost around 15 to 18 Lakhs. Professional equipments should be imported by school through agents in India. School management can choose required equipments after studying different options available. TV Media will offer guidance on purchase of equipment. Expensive equipments not only offer better picture quality, but they are reliable and designed to last longer.

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